Since the summer of 2002, the Olympia Summer Academy (the Academy) has been offering annually a wide range of specialized courses in Political Science and International Studies. During the course of these years, the program has acquired a stellar reputation not only for its high academic standards, but also for its distinct identity that blends effectively the scholarly exchange with the friendly atmosphere, thus providing participants with the opportunity of a multicultural and holistic academic experience.

We are, thus, particularly proud for:

• the collaborations that we have established with internationally leading academic institutions, such as Yale University, Harvard University, Boston University, the University of St. Andrews, the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, and several European research consortia (Microcon 2008 & 2010 and TAMNEAC 2012).

• having established a hub of research excellence, which provides opportunities for the creation and consolidation of scholarly networks of cooperation.

• the multicultural and geographically diverse group of talented students (more than 30 countries) that OSA brings together every year.

• our alumni most of whom have continued with their academic career as professors at various universities all over the world.

• having developed an academic niche by means of being the only long-standing summer school in Europe that focuses on issues of conflict and political violence (broadly conceived), and, thus on our past seminars for more information on which see below